Sunday, December 28, 2008

Princess in Havainas: And because I'm tired of wearing that three-inch prada [My new story]

I live by short stories and novels. I read everything that my hands can hold and imagine everything the moment that I realized that I also want to be a part of such stories. And so far, I'm making my own story Princess in Havaianas: And because I'm tired of wearing that three-inch Prada.

The characters are American but I'm not really sure if Havaianas are popular in the US but okay, since Havs are quite the rage now here in the Philippines - I decided that I should entitle my story that way. So what would you expect on my story? It's of the Rom-Com genre and it's quite similar with the Princess Diaries but the main character, Sandra [or called Sandy] is just a normal teenager who dresses up in a boyish kind of way but her sometimes sarcastic mom, Andrea wants to dress her up like a princess - literally.

So here's the synopsis in case that you want a sneak peek of it:

Sandra Keeping, or preferably called 'Sandy'
is just a normal teenager who is more
comfortable wearing boyish garb
than to wear girly ones that her
forever sarcastic mom Andrea Keeping
encourages her to wear
She's not a tomboy, mind you
But she's the best bud that a boy can have
Until one day that she met her
dream guy Drew in a battle of the bands
Drew likes girly-girls
so Sandy did everything to impress the man
of her dreams
But until she realizes that she's
not the same old Sandy anymore
She started losing friends and
what's worse? She started
losing the respect that she
once had for herself
Will Sandy succeed in winning
Drew's heart?
Or will she give up for the sake
of her friends?

Right now, I'm not really sure if I'll make that story a novel or leave it as a short story. Now guys, help me with the decision! I'm not a decisive person, to be honest. I'm waiting for your comments!


  1. nice story. :)
    i wish u could be part of it. i'd be very happy to be a contributor/proofreader of your story.
    make it long. i mean, make it a novel. :)
    as for the title, cut it shorter.
    nice synopsis. interesting. :)

  2. I mean "i wish i could be part of it'

  3. I agree with him. The synopsis is nice. =)