Monday, December 22, 2008

Reuniting with my high-school friends again

My high-school friends:
On the first row: Phylicia Benitez, Erika Mae Frani
On the second row [from L-R]: Rachelle Allen Co, Jerrah Mae Anglo, Camille Olaes
On the third row [from L-R]: Rizaldy Buensalida, Regine Escalante and Chazzel Soriano [That's me!]

Way back in high-school, we have this group of friends called "Hep_Hep". The history of that name: Camille was so fond of watching Wowowee and there's this game called 'Hep Hep Hooray' and she said that we should call our group: The Hep_Hep. Our bonding was running smoothly: sleepover at each other's houses, eating lunch at my place, hanging out at my place or to Rachelle's or Regine's and of course, going to Manila where you can usually spot us at Mall of Asia. I thought the friendship will last forever but I was really, really wrong. Due to our immaturity and the tension of being so close together, the friendship that I have taken care of for a very, very long time went all in vain. We had treated each other like brothers and sisters no matter what happened but of course - there will come a time that even the strongest foundation could be destroyed and devastated by a single yet hurtful word. Graduation day comes and we have to consider the fact that some of us will never talk anymore. But as soon as I reached college, I have met this group of friends which are far different from them. I know that I have found a niche right in my own comfort zone and that I can show the real me without them judging me. I have vices, I sometimes have this attitude and I have this sometimes disgusting behavior that I'm really thankful that they understand. But so many months have passed and that I have learned a lot of things that college life has to offer, I'm finally reunited with the Hep_Hep again. I thought this was really impossible to happen. Never in my dreams that I imagine we will be this close again. But not a hundred percent. I still don't have the guts to talk to Phylicia and Erika. My business with the two of them is still not finished - but if you ask me if I have still have this anger to them, I will only answer this sentence: "I forgive them for what they have done. I believe that nobody is perfect, and they deserve to change and be given a second chance". This is one of the best Christmas gift for me this holiday season. I am happy with my being reunited with them. We now go to Simbang Gabi, share the same old laughter and of course - we now accept each other for who we are. That's what I am really looking for in a friend. Now, I am happy that I got these two groups called Hep_Hep and F.A.C.K. :DD


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