Friday, December 26, 2008

I had an amazing date with Sherwin

Sherwin and I goofing off at Yellow Cab Pizza.

So here's how it goes:

Sherwin and I had a wonderful date together at Mall of Asia. It was a date that we swore right before Christmas, and I am glad because it happened. I never thought it will happen because I've got this belief that plans are sometimes made to be broken. Yeah, that's my own saying. When my friends and I sometimes make a plan like going to Star City, Swimming and our very own Christmas party exclusive for the FACK group only. But anyways, this day is really fun-filled! We had a big and satisfying lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza. Yellow Cab Pizza is great! It was one of my favorite restaurants, like, forever and I just could not get enough of their Manhattan Meat Lovers Pizza. That was 14" and we spent about 600 bucks for that pizza with two cans of Coca Cola to cap it off. Until now, I think I'm still very, very full. What's more? I got Dunkin Donuts for dessert! Sherwin and I planned to watch the annual Metro Manila Film Festival Movies but we can't decide which one to watch. So we ended up spending time with each other alone. Hehehe. Dirty and malicious minds, unite! :D I really think that a whole day is not enough for us to spend time with each other because when we're together, there's a lot of things to do.

So I say, Merry Merry Christmas to me and my hubby Sherwin! :D

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