Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is dedicated to my friend Jerrah Mae Anglo (Happy happy 17th Birthday!)

Jerrah Mae Anglo is my friend who just celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday. She lives in San Juan, Noveleta, Cavite. Just a little background of her life: She was born on March 25, 1992 by parents Elpidio and Evelyn Anglo and she's the youngest among three children. Her siblings are Julius Ceasar Anglo and Jessah Mae Anglo. This girl is one-of-a-kind and a certified party animal. She's a bit annoying sometimes, but her crazy attitude can make you laugh for like, an hour. I'm not exaggerating but it's certainly true. I love this girl to death! She's so straightforward and really amazing. She's frank. She likes to eat. She likes fashion. She is super addicted to Twilight! We call her Rihanna, because way back in our high-school days, her hair cut is similar to the pop superstar Rihanna and it was dyed jet black. She finished her Elementary at Patnubay Academy, her high-school at St. Mary Magdalene School (she's my schoolmate) and she's now taking up BS Psychology at St. Scholastica's College. She's my friend ever since second year high-school and I'm glad we're still friends in our college years. She's got three group of friends: The HepHeps (that's us!), Mean Girls (her college friends) and Bebe (her other high-school friends) but she swears that we're the best among the rest and we truly believe that.

Just a little story of what happened yesterday....

We arrived at her place at 2:30 PM. It was a hot, irritating weather but we don't mind - as long as we're going to have fun at her place for hours. She welcomed us, wearing only her skimpy mini shorts and her Bart Simpson De-stress tee. She looks chubby - maybe because she likes eating a lot. Rachelle, Me and Camille are the first ones who arrived and we're waiting for our two friends to come - that's Erika and Rizaldy. Jemay or Memay (as we call her), texted our other friend, Regine to come but due to some misunderstandings yesterday, she unfortunately didn't make it. Okay, let's just forget about it.
When Zaldy came, we played a few rounds of Uno Cards. It was gambling but only a peso is involved to those who will win the game. The rule of the game is to show your colored card (for example, it is a red card) and the next person who will show his/her card would have to put a similar red card on the table. If you don't have any red cards, then you have to pick on the remaining cards that are not given to you. If you have seen the content remaining cards, you have to get it to increase the number of your cards. A player with only a card left in his/her hand would have to shout "UNO!" before another player could. If the player with only a card fails to shout that word, then the player would have to get 4 cards.
The winner is distinguished if the last card on his/her hand is put on the table.
After that game, we decided to eat because we're getting kinda' hungry to wait for Erika any longer. The feast consists of pancit bihon, lechon manok, bread, ice cream and cake (courtesy of Mean Girls and Red Ribbon). It was a really satisfying meal - and after that, we played UNO again and hang out in Jemay's veranda and talked and talked and did some picture taking when it rained. Well, that interrupts the fun. It's finally time for us to go home. At least, we enjoyed our whole stay at Jemay's house! :DD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After a month of absence, I'm finally back here in my blank, white sheet of workspace wherein I could just type anything and everything that's on my mind.

Final Exams are just around the corner and I will be very busy for our final defense in our Management and Information Systems.

Thank God the foundation week of SDCAS is finally over and I could move on to my studies after being busy for some extra-curricular activities.

Too bad I did not have the chance to perform with my band on the Sining Sayaw Awit event. It's okay. There's always a next time, right?

Actually, I'm typing here on my blog to de-stress a little bit. I want to detoxify because all of the school works is making me sick! Yeah.