Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am thankful that I've finally found a precious time to be able to update my blog again! I'm so busy -- and yeah, I'm so busy that I find it hard to even put a make-up on my face.

Haggard? Yeah!

Sleep-deprived? Not really. But soon, I will be.

I have to finish my research paper in English -- and February 28 is the due date for that! Plus, we have to do our Chapter III in our MIS subject -- and it's a burden if we will redo it and that would be the consequence if our professor is not satisfied of our work.

Next is... The Karakol in our P.E class for the foundation day! Aside from the expenses, of course, there would be endless practice and costume making! Urgh!

Next week is our Pre-Finals so I have to study.

I also have to complete my requirements in our English I because I've got a grade of Incomplete last sem because I did not able to pass the 200 Unfamiliar Words requirement.

Then, I have to do our project in Physical Science and we have our educational field trip to PAG-ASA. Another expense.

Okay, another one? Our gig at Ka Freddie's in Bacoor, Cavite come February 28! So I really, really have to practice for our battle of the bands.

Another one? Our defense in MIS. That's for our finals.

And that is the end of my busy life. I wanna die!