Sunday, December 28, 2008

Princess in Havainas: And because I'm tired of wearing that three-inch prada [My new story]

I live by short stories and novels. I read everything that my hands can hold and imagine everything the moment that I realized that I also want to be a part of such stories. And so far, I'm making my own story Princess in Havaianas: And because I'm tired of wearing that three-inch Prada.

The characters are American but I'm not really sure if Havaianas are popular in the US but okay, since Havs are quite the rage now here in the Philippines - I decided that I should entitle my story that way. So what would you expect on my story? It's of the Rom-Com genre and it's quite similar with the Princess Diaries but the main character, Sandra [or called Sandy] is just a normal teenager who dresses up in a boyish kind of way but her sometimes sarcastic mom, Andrea wants to dress her up like a princess - literally.

So here's the synopsis in case that you want a sneak peek of it:

Sandra Keeping, or preferably called 'Sandy'
is just a normal teenager who is more
comfortable wearing boyish garb
than to wear girly ones that her
forever sarcastic mom Andrea Keeping
encourages her to wear
She's not a tomboy, mind you
But she's the best bud that a boy can have
Until one day that she met her
dream guy Drew in a battle of the bands
Drew likes girly-girls
so Sandy did everything to impress the man
of her dreams
But until she realizes that she's
not the same old Sandy anymore
She started losing friends and
what's worse? She started
losing the respect that she
once had for herself
Will Sandy succeed in winning
Drew's heart?
Or will she give up for the sake
of her friends?

Right now, I'm not really sure if I'll make that story a novel or leave it as a short story. Now guys, help me with the decision! I'm not a decisive person, to be honest. I'm waiting for your comments!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I had an amazing date with Sherwin

Sherwin and I goofing off at Yellow Cab Pizza.

So here's how it goes:

Sherwin and I had a wonderful date together at Mall of Asia. It was a date that we swore right before Christmas, and I am glad because it happened. I never thought it will happen because I've got this belief that plans are sometimes made to be broken. Yeah, that's my own saying. When my friends and I sometimes make a plan like going to Star City, Swimming and our very own Christmas party exclusive for the FACK group only. But anyways, this day is really fun-filled! We had a big and satisfying lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza. Yellow Cab Pizza is great! It was one of my favorite restaurants, like, forever and I just could not get enough of their Manhattan Meat Lovers Pizza. That was 14" and we spent about 600 bucks for that pizza with two cans of Coca Cola to cap it off. Until now, I think I'm still very, very full. What's more? I got Dunkin Donuts for dessert! Sherwin and I planned to watch the annual Metro Manila Film Festival Movies but we can't decide which one to watch. So we ended up spending time with each other alone. Hehehe. Dirty and malicious minds, unite! :D I really think that a whole day is not enough for us to spend time with each other because when we're together, there's a lot of things to do.

So I say, Merry Merry Christmas to me and my hubby Sherwin! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is what I call 'Euphoria'

"Happiness is not measured... Nor it is measured by how enormous your wealth are..."
-Chazzel Soriano

I am now walking into this ground called Euphoria, Rapture and Ecstasy where even the slightest presence of Melancholy is nowhere to be found.

It feels to good to be reunited with your old high-school friends again. I don't wanna remember the bad things that happened before because all of them are put into oblivion.

I thank God for it. :DD


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas! :D


Oh wow. I can't believe it's Christmas. For so many months, I have been waiting for this season to come and now I was enthralled that it is now right here - right in front of my very eyes. Though I didn't complete the nine days of the Simbang Gabi, I was happy because I was able to reunite with my old high-school friends and I'm just happy that I'm alive!

I thank God for the blessing that he has given me this year - and I am hoping for many blessings to come this year of 2009. I am working on my New Year's resolution, though I vowed it would never ever happen unless I really want to. Maybe New Year's resolution is a theory - but still, I hope I can justify it this year. Oh hey, why do I keep talking about the New Year? Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas so I should be really happy about it! :DD As the clock hits 6:30 this evening, my friends and I will gather into our place to watch the annual celebration of the Maytinis 2008.

Maytinis what?: Maytinis is a tradition here in our town of Kawit, Cavite held every 24th of December as a tribute to the birth of Jesus Christ in the stable. The Maytinis has a sponsor that we fondly called the "Ama" and "Ina". Maytinis offers beautiful and festive floats decorated and prepared by the resourceful and the creative Kawitenos. It is also a competition, wherein the winners will win certain amount of cash. The float shows different scenes from the bible - up to the last and the most important float "Panunuluyan". After the Maytinis, the people will go to church to watch a not-so-long performance of the chosen kids who will play as little angels and the chosen people who will play the role of Mama Mary and Joseph. The mass lasts up to 12 to celebrate Christmas.

Now I am looking forward for the Maytinis this evening and I hope I could share some pictures with you guys. Now wish me luck :D


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Good news for me! Finally, on July 2009 there will be an upcoming sequel to the Transformers. This sequel is entitled: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and this is a must-see movie to all of the Transformers fan out there!

I want to watch the sequel, because I am excited with the newest characters that are introduced and of course, to the most breath taking scenes which makes Transformers deserves it's two thumbs up from me - a self-confessed movie freak junkie. I have read the development of Transformers 2 at Wikipedia and of course, Megatron wasn't fully destroyed by the AllSpark. Instead, he was just there on the ground, lying dead after Sam had pressed the cube on his chest. Then all of his fellow Decepticons comrades are thrown into the Laurentian Abyss leaving no evidence of the alien invasion on Earth. Now, in the TF2, Megatron is resurrected by his faithful ally, Skorponok, who was not officially killed in the TF1. Megatron disguises as a Cybetronian Tank and is now ready to take revenge against the Autobots and ready to kill the brave, heroic Autobot leader: Optimus Prime. A little bit of Fact: Megatron can transform into six modes.



Monday, December 22, 2008

Reuniting with my high-school friends again

My high-school friends:
On the first row: Phylicia Benitez, Erika Mae Frani
On the second row [from L-R]: Rachelle Allen Co, Jerrah Mae Anglo, Camille Olaes
On the third row [from L-R]: Rizaldy Buensalida, Regine Escalante and Chazzel Soriano [That's me!]

Way back in high-school, we have this group of friends called "Hep_Hep". The history of that name: Camille was so fond of watching Wowowee and there's this game called 'Hep Hep Hooray' and she said that we should call our group: The Hep_Hep. Our bonding was running smoothly: sleepover at each other's houses, eating lunch at my place, hanging out at my place or to Rachelle's or Regine's and of course, going to Manila where you can usually spot us at Mall of Asia. I thought the friendship will last forever but I was really, really wrong. Due to our immaturity and the tension of being so close together, the friendship that I have taken care of for a very, very long time went all in vain. We had treated each other like brothers and sisters no matter what happened but of course - there will come a time that even the strongest foundation could be destroyed and devastated by a single yet hurtful word. Graduation day comes and we have to consider the fact that some of us will never talk anymore. But as soon as I reached college, I have met this group of friends which are far different from them. I know that I have found a niche right in my own comfort zone and that I can show the real me without them judging me. I have vices, I sometimes have this attitude and I have this sometimes disgusting behavior that I'm really thankful that they understand. But so many months have passed and that I have learned a lot of things that college life has to offer, I'm finally reunited with the Hep_Hep again. I thought this was really impossible to happen. Never in my dreams that I imagine we will be this close again. But not a hundred percent. I still don't have the guts to talk to Phylicia and Erika. My business with the two of them is still not finished - but if you ask me if I have still have this anger to them, I will only answer this sentence: "I forgive them for what they have done. I believe that nobody is perfect, and they deserve to change and be given a second chance". This is one of the best Christmas gift for me this holiday season. I am happy with my being reunited with them. We now go to Simbang Gabi, share the same old laughter and of course - we now accept each other for who we are. That's what I am really looking for in a friend. Now, I am happy that I got these two groups called Hep_Hep and F.A.C.K. :DD

You're a Twilight addict but I'm hooked with the Transformers

"I wish normal people would have a heart like vampires, because when they fall in-love, they will never fall out of love."
-Bella Swan

That is the line I remembered quoted by the infamous Twilight leading lady, Bella Swan. I'm not really sure if I got the lines precisely, because I have never read or even watched Twilight except from the talks of my classmates who are addicted to it so to all Twilight-ers out there [That's what I call Twilight fans], correct me if I'm wrong. I always ask myself: Why are a lot of people are addicted to Twilight? Why can't they just be addicted to old-school vampire movies like Vampire: Los Muertos, Lost Boys, Vampires and the like? I should say, only few people appreciates old-school vampire movies and I'm one of them. Twilight is all about romance that they say it has this kilig factor that'll make you jump and giggle even on your seat. No offense to all the Twilight-ers out there, but I don't find Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen gorgeous. Yeah, sure, the definition of Edwarn Cullen is absolutely perfect but when he is brought to life on the silver screen, he is far away from perfect. Messy bronze hair, porcelain and dull skin, eyes that speaks of danger and mystery - it's all because of make-up. Robert Pattinson looks better when he is Cedric in Harry Potter.

Call me a so-last year gal, but I call my self a self-proclaimed Transformer addict. I am never really in the latest entertainment [think High-School Musical, Twilight and Transformers] because I'm more an old-school, remake junkie kind of movie freak. I admire George A. Romero and Stephen Spielberg's work especially if it's all about zombies and the extra-terrestrial. I have downloaded Transformers on my iPod and I find it really cool while watching the robot battle on the big city. My adrenaline rushed when I saw Bumblebee transforming into a big yellow robot from a crappy old Camaron. I think he was fighting with Blackout that time. What provoke me is that an autobot died in the battle against Decepticons. I wanted to kill Megatron right then and there while he was ripping Jazz apart. So unfortunate of the Lieutenant of Optimus Prime! I am thinking of collecting the Transformers Autobots and Decepticons. I wish to have Jazz, Ratchhead, Ironhide, Bumbleebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bonecrusher, Blackout, Devastator and Starscream right on the shelf! Hail to Michael Bay for remaking the 1980's Transformers. Could there be a part two of this amazing movie? Maybe all of the Decepticons will come to life again because the last part shows that they were just thrown into the Laurentian Abyss. It's not impossible for them to come back, right?

"Like us, there is more to the humans that meets the eye."
-Optimus Prime

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simbang Gabi... and my wishes! :D

Okay, okay - this is my newest blog and this is one of my growing number blog accounts online. To tell you the whole truth, I'm kinda' forgetful when it comes on remembering my passwords so that's why, after a few days, let's say five days, of not opening an account, I tend to forget the password. I also forget to check the 'Remember Me' thing and always ignore the Mozilla Firefox feature that says, 'Do you want Firefox to remember this password?'. How stupid of me! Darn.

Simbang Gabi
Time Check: 10:34 P.M

Let's call this night perfect. Why? Because I am typing this blog entry right now while my ears are glued to Matchbox Twenty's Unwell. Let's rely on my iPod for the senti sounds that I want to hear this night.
I am avoiding myself to sleep because there is a big possibility that I won't wake up at 3 in the morning.
My friends and I are going to the mass and we have this agreement that we are all dressed up as soon as the clock hits four. All five of us are going to meet on the waiting shed, just a 30 steps away from our house.
Then after a one hour of reflecting, praying and hearing the mass, it's time for us to go somewhere where we can eat, talk about anything else under the sun and smoke a single stick of cigarette. Gee, you know it's cold in the wee hours of the morning so we have to fulfill our nicotine cravings at 5 in the morning.

Okay, forget about the nicotine hit stuffs. Let's talk about the Simbang Gabi, which is the real reason of this blog entry!

***The first time that I experienced going to the Misa De Gallo or preferably called ''Simbang Gabi'' in Tagalog is when I was in my second year of high-school. It was the legend that intimidated me to go to the mass since the elders said that as soon as you have completed the nine mornings of the early Christmas masses, your wish will be granted no matter how impossible it is. Nursing a broken heart that time (That was three years ago!), I decided to join my cousins who often go to the mass. My cousins tend to go there very early, while the church is still closed. Then, after about some hours of waiting, the mass will start and I notice a growing number of people on the church. My efforts to wake up very early in the morning seems to be all in vain when there are times that I didn't able to make it to the church on time. Sometimes, I go there alone but unfortunately, the homily is finished. They say that the homily is the most important part of the mass so you should be there before the homily starts and that is one of the conditions for your wish to be granted. But there were times that I just went to sleep when I really feel that I'm so sleepy that it's hard for me to open my eyes and get dressed. And this is another truth that I'm going to tell: I never completed a Simbang Gabi eversince I started making it a ritual for me every 16th of December but that is part of my New Year's resolution come this year of 2009. But could I do it? That is one big question that would be left unanswered. So let's wait after one year! Hehehe.****