Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simbang Gabi... and my wishes! :D

Okay, okay - this is my newest blog and this is one of my growing number blog accounts online. To tell you the whole truth, I'm kinda' forgetful when it comes on remembering my passwords so that's why, after a few days, let's say five days, of not opening an account, I tend to forget the password. I also forget to check the 'Remember Me' thing and always ignore the Mozilla Firefox feature that says, 'Do you want Firefox to remember this password?'. How stupid of me! Darn.

Simbang Gabi
Time Check: 10:34 P.M

Let's call this night perfect. Why? Because I am typing this blog entry right now while my ears are glued to Matchbox Twenty's Unwell. Let's rely on my iPod for the senti sounds that I want to hear this night.
I am avoiding myself to sleep because there is a big possibility that I won't wake up at 3 in the morning.
My friends and I are going to the mass and we have this agreement that we are all dressed up as soon as the clock hits four. All five of us are going to meet on the waiting shed, just a 30 steps away from our house.
Then after a one hour of reflecting, praying and hearing the mass, it's time for us to go somewhere where we can eat, talk about anything else under the sun and smoke a single stick of cigarette. Gee, you know it's cold in the wee hours of the morning so we have to fulfill our nicotine cravings at 5 in the morning.

Okay, forget about the nicotine hit stuffs. Let's talk about the Simbang Gabi, which is the real reason of this blog entry!

***The first time that I experienced going to the Misa De Gallo or preferably called ''Simbang Gabi'' in Tagalog is when I was in my second year of high-school. It was the legend that intimidated me to go to the mass since the elders said that as soon as you have completed the nine mornings of the early Christmas masses, your wish will be granted no matter how impossible it is. Nursing a broken heart that time (That was three years ago!), I decided to join my cousins who often go to the mass. My cousins tend to go there very early, while the church is still closed. Then, after about some hours of waiting, the mass will start and I notice a growing number of people on the church. My efforts to wake up very early in the morning seems to be all in vain when there are times that I didn't able to make it to the church on time. Sometimes, I go there alone but unfortunately, the homily is finished. They say that the homily is the most important part of the mass so you should be there before the homily starts and that is one of the conditions for your wish to be granted. But there were times that I just went to sleep when I really feel that I'm so sleepy that it's hard for me to open my eyes and get dressed. And this is another truth that I'm going to tell: I never completed a Simbang Gabi eversince I started making it a ritual for me every 16th of December but that is part of my New Year's resolution come this year of 2009. But could I do it? That is one big question that would be left unanswered. So let's wait after one year! Hehehe.****

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