Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas! :D



Oh wow. I can't believe it's Christmas. For so many months, I have been waiting for this season to come and now I was enthralled that it is now right here - right in front of my very eyes. Though I didn't complete the nine days of the Simbang Gabi, I was happy because I was able to reunite with my old high-school friends and I'm just happy that I'm alive!

I thank God for the blessing that he has given me this year - and I am hoping for many blessings to come this year of 2009. I am working on my New Year's resolution, though I vowed it would never ever happen unless I really want to. Maybe New Year's resolution is a theory - but still, I hope I can justify it this year. Oh hey, why do I keep talking about the New Year? Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas so I should be really happy about it! :DD As the clock hits 6:30 this evening, my friends and I will gather into our place to watch the annual celebration of the Maytinis 2008.

Maytinis what?: Maytinis is a tradition here in our town of Kawit, Cavite held every 24th of December as a tribute to the birth of Jesus Christ in the stable. The Maytinis has a sponsor that we fondly called the "Ama" and "Ina". Maytinis offers beautiful and festive floats decorated and prepared by the resourceful and the creative Kawitenos. It is also a competition, wherein the winners will win certain amount of cash. The float shows different scenes from the bible - up to the last and the most important float "Panunuluyan". After the Maytinis, the people will go to church to watch a not-so-long performance of the chosen kids who will play as little angels and the chosen people who will play the role of Mama Mary and Joseph. The mass lasts up to 12 to celebrate Christmas.

Now I am looking forward for the Maytinis this evening and I hope I could share some pictures with you guys. Now wish me luck :D


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