Thursday, January 15, 2009

OMG! I'm back :)

OMG! Finally I'm back. After about two weeks of not logging here on my blog, I am back and I'm taking this blogger website by storm! Haha. Just kidding, folks. Anyways, what really happened to me?

Our computer's monitor went short circuit and poof - it can't be use again. No, it's not faulty wiring. Gadgets do have a life span and I really think that is the end of our trusty old CRT monitor. We've been using that monitor ever since when I was in fourth grade and it proved to be a loyal online companion for about 7 years! So to all of my blogger mates here on blogger, I'm back - and I'm proud to say it to you.

So many things had happened for two weeks. I'm back at school and I'm happy that I've seen my college friends again. We all have New Year's Resolution (or do they really have it? Because I really only a few of my friends has changed for the better). Okay, I know that it's now the 15th day of the year but since I did not share my thoughts to you this year, it's finally my opportunity to tell you all about my New Year's resolution.

1. STUDY HARD! STUDY HARD! STUDY HARD! And I'm really glad that I am able to do it again because last Prelims, I've got a lot of failing grades due to my laziness but now, I'm working on it to fix my grades again. :)

2. STOP DRINKING. You know what? I'm sick of Brandy's taste. I'll only drink occasionally and promise, I'll only drink beer for the rest of my life.

3. LOVE SHERWIN MORE. I love him so much!

4. BE A BETTER FRIEND. No explanations!

5. LESSEN MY SMOKING. Kinda' hard but I think I can do it.



Those are the few of my New Year's resolution. I hope I can do it. Wish me luck guys! :) And oh, about my Princess in Havaianas story, I'm also working on it. :) Wish me lots of luck!

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