Sunday, January 25, 2009

Princess in Havaianas: And because I'm tired of wearing that three-inch prada (Chapter 1)


Clad in my worn out black pair of Havaianas, torn jeans and McDonald's vintage tee, I decided to shop downtown to look for something to wear at school. I saw Jet Rag's boutique and it says, all tees cost for not more than a dollar. I decided to check it out to see if they'll cater to what I like when someone called me from my back.

"Hey Sandy!" it was a man's voice coming from behind.

I look back and saw Martin Evans, a senior at Capistrano Valley High-School - our school. He is a member of the Music Club and a vocalist of this rock band, 'Til Death do us part. 'Til Death do us part is one of the most sought after rock bands at CVHS. Because of Martin Evan's sapphire blue eyes, messy bronze hair and that undeniably mysterious but meaningful smile, many girls are going crazy over his band. He is the dream of every girl and the envy of every guy existing at CVHS. I was one of the girls who fantasize Martin to be her boyfriend but problem is, he's only got eyes for this girl - Claudia Lopez. Claudia Lopez is one of the female rockers at our school. She is the vocalist of the band My Undying Girl. She has those long, black and silky hair, Hazelnut-brown eyes, sun-kissed tan skin, a perfect body and a voice of an angel. All in all, she is a Goddess in her own rights.

I smiled. I give it my sweetest smile. "Hey Martin!"

He walked towards me. I know in the heat of the sun, I'll melt any minute. "I'm just thinking, uh, about this."

He showed me a white ticket for Orange County California Annual Battle of the Bands. It is the biggest and the most prestigious battle of the bands in the history of Orange County, California. I'm pretty sure that Mission Viejo will bag the top prize if those two most sought after rock bands in CVHS - 'Til Death do us art and My Undying Girl will join.

"Oh, perfect! I've dreamed of watching this my entire life!" I said in amazement. "Wait, how much does it cost?"

Martin smiled. "For you, it's free."

I was dumbfounded after hearing this. "Really? Thank you, Martin! But, why you're giving this to me?"

"Because you're the only Junior girl who appreciates rock bands. You see, some of the girls on your level are phonies. And I do mean, girly-girls. I hate it."

I smiled. I just can't believe that Martin Evans, the every girl's dream, is talking to me right now. It made me forget that we're in the middle of the street, talking underneath the heat of the blazing sun.

Martin checked on his wristwatch. "I better have to go. See you on Friday at the Beachfire Bar and Grill at 7 PM."

Then he ran away. Holding the ticket on my right hand, my hopes soared. It could mean a romance between Martin and me and this is the romance that I have dreamed of for such a very long time.

When I got home, I hurriedly ran to my room and phoned my bestfriend Tisha. It rang for three times and then I heard Tisha's voice on the other line.

"Hello, Salvador's residence, may I help you?" Tisha answered in her Spanish accent.

"Hey Tisha, it's me, Sandy."

"Oh Sandy, hi. I was doing a coke can sculpture entitled Erotica. The theme is all about sex but in an artistic way that people wouldn't notice that the man and the woman are actually having an intercourse," Tisha explained.

"Guess what? Martin Evans, the hottest guy on CVHS invited me to watch the annual Orange County California Annual Battle of the Bands!" I said, almost screaming in astonishment.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. You mean, The Martin Evans? Our hot classmate on our History subject?"

"U-huh. He gave me this ticket while I'm shopping downtown." I said.

"Okay, so what now? You're going?" Tisha asked.

"We're going, Tisha."

"Oh," Tisha let out a loud sigh. "You know what, Sandy? I'm not a rocker girl like you and I do not care 'Til death do us part band and mostly, I do not, repeat, I do not fantasize Martin Evans to be my boyfriend! You should go, really."

"You're not going even if I tell you that the battle of the bands will be held at Beachfire Bar and Grill?"

For a moment, Tisha paused. After what seems like an eternity, Tisha screamed that it almost deafened me. "Really? At the beachfire bar and grill? When? Oh, I'm coming with you! I've always wanted to go there!"

"Friday, 7PM." I said chuckling while shaking my head.

"Okay. Gotta hang up, Sandy. I should prepare my best outfit for Friday, bye!"

It's not really surprising that my forever artistic bestfriend Tisha, or Patricia Salvador, sounds really excited after I mentioned the name Beachfire Bar and Grill. It's a haven for art lovers like her. It's got some nice artworks and the interiors are really fresh, unique and modern. The food is also great. I've dined there once with my dad on a Father's Day but I never went there myself because the food is really expensive.

Come Friday and that is the day that I'm waiting for. It's only 5:30 in the afternoon when my mom saw me fixing my hair in front of our mirror. My mom is also going to a friend's party with my dad. She was wearing that True Religion jeans, a vintage lace top from Marc Jacobs and a three-inch prada heels with a Prada bag to match. My mom is a fashionista and she adores Kimora Lee Simons, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz for their sense of style.

"Where are you going?" mom asked in a high tone.

"To Beachfire Bar and Grill. Why?" I asked, while brushing my streaks of red hair.

"Oh, it's about that Orange County California Annual Battle of the Bands?" Mom read my white ticket.

My jaw dropped and I run towards my mom to get my ticket back. "Mom, how'd you get it? I told you not to check on my things!"

"You are not going!" Mom shouted.

"But mom..."

"No buts, Sandra!"

"It's Sandy!"

"Your real name is Sandra Keeping!"

Hearing us arguing, my dad headed downstairs. "What's this all about, Sandy? Andrea?"

"Dad, mom won't let me go to the Orange County Battle of the Bands! Dad, I dreamed for this all my life and now that I have this opportunity to witness the most prestigious Battle of the Bands in the history of Orange County, California, I won't let this opportunity slide right before my very hands just because mom said so." I said to my dad, while my eyes are glued to my sarcastic mom.

Mom defended herself. "Dear, would you let Sandra to be a lesbian by going to this, er, battle of the bands? I can't let her make out with a girl! Take a look at her, Brandon! Take a look at her!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Here comes mom again! I was wearing my blue havaianas, my The Beatles vintage tee, ripped jeans and my Elvis Presley sling bag.

"It's not because that I'm wearing boyish outfit means that I am a lesbian! Mom, please be reasonable. I am straight. I'm not a homo or something!" I protested.

"Look Sandra, if you could only wear my three-inch prada, put a little make-up on your face and not that really, horrendously bold eyeliners and your ripped jeans, I would let you go to that stupid Battle of the Bands!"

"But mom... That is not my style!"

"Whatever Sandra!"

"It's Sandy!"

"I like to call you Sandra!"

Our once peaceful house turned into a one screaming match between me and my mom. We couldn't really understand each other, honestly.

"Stop arguing!!!!" My dad screamed at the top of his lungs.

Mom and I both stopped screaming at each other and we both glared at my naturally patient dad.

"Andrea, just don't let Sandy wear your clothes. It's her sense of style, not yours. Just let her go to that battle of the bands. Sandy, are you with Tisha?"

I nodded with a big and a winning smile. Finally, I won over my mom! It's amazing!

"But Dear..." Mom said, looking dazed and confused.

"And I should say, no buts, Andrea. Let her go." Dad said, calming down a bit. "You can go now, Sandy. Have a safe trip."

I hurriedly hugged my dad as tight as I could and kissed him on his left cheek. "Thank you, Dad! I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Sandy." Dad said.

"Bye, mom!" I said and I gave her this teasing wink.

Mom look really upset and I felt sorry for it. But I can't let her ruin this dream of going to this big event! Ladera Ranch, here I come!

So there I was, after a long ride from Mission Viejo to Ladera Ranch. I was with Tisha, who borrowed my blue Havaianas since she can't stand wearing her high-heeled Gucci that her forever stylish gay dad made her to wear. That's why me and Tisha are BFF. We are experiencing the same situation. If fashion is the way of life for my mom and Tisha's dad -- rock and art is what makes our world go 'round. We saw many bands from Anaheim, Ladera Ranch, San Clemente and of course, Mission Viejo! And there was Martin, talking with Claudia. The smile that I had from my face fades away when I saw him giving his whole attention with the girl of his dreams.

"Looks like you have your heart broken," Tisha said as she elbowed me softly.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "You know what Tisha? If you have nothing good to say, can you please shut the f*ck up?"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," Tisha said, chuckling.

Then, Martin saw me. He left Claudia while excusing himself. He gave me his smile. That is the smile that I'm always looking forward to everyday of my existence in Capistrano Valley High.

"Hi, Sandy!" Martin greeted me. "God, I'm so nervous,"

"Oh, that doesn't matter. I know you can make it. I'm the loudest screamer in the world and I can prove you that."

"Just pray for us, okay?"

I nodded. "Sure,"

I almost forgot Tisha fidgeting next to me. "Oh, this is my bestfriend Tisha Salvador. Tisha, meet Martin Evans. Martin, meet Tisha."

"Hi," Tisha said.

"Hi, Tisha! I hope you'll have a great time here." Martin said.

"Sure, I will." Tisha replied.

"I have to excuse myself. Gotta set-up early for the sound check. Bye,"

Then Martin ran away like an olympic sprinter ready to compete for the marathon. We sat on a recycled wood table on the veranda.

"Got smoke?" Tisha asked, tapping the table. "God, I can hardly imagine that I'm here - here at the Beachfire Bar and Grill!"

I gave her a Marlboro red stick. "Just don't puff the smoke into my face. You know that I don't smoke,"

Tisha lit the cigarette and puff some smoke. We saw different people on the Beachfire Bar. On the other table is a bunch of emo kids. The only girl is sporting a Zelda-like hair with streaks of violet and red, a fitted black tanktop, ripped jeans and combat boots. The guy is wearing a fitted Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, black skinny jeans, Vans skate shoes, lots of piercings and tattoos. The another guy has really weird bangs, and he's wearing a pink Mickey Mouse vintage tee, yellow skinny jeans, high-top worn-out chucks and an earring on his nose.

"See those Emo kids? They look really funny you know," I pointed out the Emo kids on the other table.

Tisha rolled her eyes. "Just don't mind them. Mind your own business. Plus, yeah, they suck! What do you expect?"

"Emo kids who likes wrist incision and stuffs that are crazy. Oh God, gimme a break." I said.

Tisha chuckled. "Yeah, yeah right."

Just as we were laughing at the Emo kids, we heard a loud roaring voice coming from the microphone.

"Hey, the battle is starting!" Said the Emo kid with a violet and red hair. "Let's go!"

Tisha and I got inside. We saw all sorts of people... Emo kids, Goths, Punks and Old-school rockers. If you compare our outfits with their outfits, I should say we look like a bunch of losers trying to fit in. Screaming, laughing and cheering - that's what we can hear all around the Beachfire Bar. Bartenders are starting to flair their drinks. The stage is sparkling with bright fire display and lights. The audiences are starting to get crazy. We can see some sort of jackass kids smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol.

"Are you ready, girls and boys? Here it is: The Orange County California Battle of the Bands!" The Gothic announcer said in full energy. She has those long black hair, really dark make-up, a long black gown and fishnet stockings with high-heeled stilettos. Cool, I thought. "Okay, so I really think you're ready. Now make some noise!"

Soon, all of the audiences are screaming their lungs out. "Okay, the first band is from Anaheim. They will do their metal genre-inspired composition right here on this stage and I'm glad to introduce to you... Kreatora Eclectica! Let's give them a hand!"

Roaring screams are what I heard all throughout the place. Soon, the performance had started. It was a five piece rock band. They are all wearing black band shirts and of course, it displays different types of Metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Kreator and Otep.

But then, I saw something - right on my peripheral vision. A guy. And he's just not any kind of guy. He has those blonde hair, brown eyes and a smile that is could sweep any girl's feet away - or perhaps, my feet away. I can feel my heart pounding like a jackhammer. And oh, I cannot deny that this is love at first sight. But the question is, does he love me? Is he even looking at me? Does he even know that I exist?

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