Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ten facts about Chazzel

Yan po ang aking pagmumukha. Haha! Ang kapal
talaga ng mukha ko na ipost ang sarili ko sa blog ko.
Grabeecioouss na itech! Haha.

Ten Facts about Chazzel:

I just remembered that I'm tagged by my fellow blogger and Magdalenean, Rob Jeremiah Nuguid (Special Mention! Haha!). So here it is now: The ten facts about me thing. Now if you don't wanna know me, then okay, fine, just don't bother reading it. But if you like me much as I like you, then I'll love for that, honey :)

10. My fullname is Chazzel Rojo Soriano. I live in Tabon, Kawit, Cavite,
Philippines. I am currently a freshman student taking up IT as
St. Dominic College.
9. I used to have a tongue piercing when I was in high-school.
8. I had a streak of red hair when I was also in high-school.
7. I am the former Features Editor in English in our school paper,
The Magdalenean. I competed Press Conferences
in and out of Cavite. I won first place in the Division Training in
Perpetual Molino, Bacoor, Cavite wherein I bested 45 private school students.
In the Division Schools Press Conference held in Imus Pilot
Elementary School, Imus, Cavite, I also won the first place
wherein I bested 75 students both from public
and private schools in the whole Cavite area. I competed
in the Regional Schools Press Conference after winning
the DSPC in Calamba, Laguna wherein I hit
the 14th spot out of 102 Feature Writers
in the whole Region IV area. Too bad, I didn't make it on the National
Press Conference. That's my dream!
6. I used to be a bassist of my former band, She is made of stone.
Now, I'm the front woman of a five-piece band "Ampersand".
Ampersand is a programming logical operator.
(My band members: Me-vox, Kenneth-bassist, Glenn-drummer,
Fridz-lead guitars).
5. I smoke (Marlboro Reds are my choice!). I drink.
But I quit drinking brandy. Enough said.
4. I have a two-years and 5 months relationship
with the love of my life: Sherwin Mojica Victa.
3. I super duper like Yellow Cab Pizza!
2. I am an aspiring writer. I like William Shakespeare.


  1. uy ang galing mo ah! natalo mo ang perps! dun ako nagaaral dati eh! hehe! pero i never join any newspaper stuffs! nice to know you! taga cavite ka pala! me too ^^ hehe!

  2. AYos to a..Talagang Fact na Facts...lolz..

    sanay ka na palang masaktan..sabi mo kasi may earpiercing ka dati e...hehehehe.astig!..

    nice to meet you Chazzel...

  3. hahaha! facts na facts ba, ha, pajay? wehehehehehehe.