Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another story in mind

Okay, forgive me for I could not resist the temptation of posting here on my blog. It's been days since I posted my: Princess in Havaianas: sneek peek entry and so far, I'm getting positive comments about it though I am not exactly certain what to do next after that. I have another story that is crawling into my mind and I feel excited about it that I want to share it to you right away before it will be corrupted. My brain is working like a memory-full micro SD 2GB card right now. Okay, okay - before my ideas will be thrown into the abyss of eternity, let me do that draft in this entry:

Dana loves me (And I love her back)

This is the plot:

Christina Sanchez is a shy, Mexican girl, nineteen years of age who enters the fictional Brandon University. Always a loner since high-school, her naturally friendly History classmate, Dana Ward, the daughter of a wealthy English stock broker, recruited her to join the Sigma Epsilon (abbreviated as SigEp) sorority to overcome her shy nature. Christina agreed and after undergoing a violent hazing and pledging, she is now officially a SigEp sister. Through this, Christina learned to mingle and to unleash the confident, independent girl in her. She started to join extra-curricular activities and establishes close friendship with her SigEp sisters and most especially to Dana. Christina dated the president of the affiliate fraternity of SigEp, the Tau Epsilon (abbreviated as TauEp) fraternity, Jacob Moore after meeting him on the TauSigEp party. Jacob insists on Christina to have sex with him though Christina is still a clueless virgin. Jacob threatens Christina that he will break up with her if she does not agree. Christina loves Jacob so much to let him go so after a minute of convincing, Christina finally agreed. Lately, Christina notices that Dana is avoiding her after she dated Jacob. When she found an opportunity to speak to Dana alone, Dana just said, "I'm not in the mood, okay?". It was then that Christina discovers Jacob's unfaithfulness to her when she saw Martha, the sister of the Phi Theta sorority and Jacob making out outside the TauEp fraternity house. That night, Christina and Jacob broke up. When the school year ended, Christina was left alone in the sorority house while her sorority sisters took a vacation in their respective hometowns because she found out that she was pregnant. She is scared to go back to Guadalajara, Mexico to admit to her parents that she is pregnant with a man who doesn't deserve her. For the first two weeks of summer vacation, Christina became a wild girl. She had sex with all of the members of the TauEp fraternity and had learned to smoke and drink. Dana came back to the sorority house, telling Christina that she had just broken up with her boyfriend of five years. Christina and Dana stayed together in the sorority house, rebuilding their friendship that had once been broken. That night of Dana's arrival, they both shared a drink of brandy and soon, both of them got really drunked. Dana started confessing her feelings for Christina, telling her that she loves her and that she was jealous of Jacob dating Christina. Dana also admits her being a lesbian. Christina was dumbfounded but later confessed that she was pregnant with Jacob. Dana offered Christina to be the father of the baby. Soon, all of the confessions lead into a passionate lesbian sex. After that night, Dana and Christina became together but kept their relationship a secret with their sorority sisters. First, their relationship went by smoothly, having sex as often as possible, making out in a dark place and showing affection with each other. But it was then that Dana received a letter from her father, telling her to continue her studies in London because her mother had died of Tuberculosis. Dana called a meeting, telling all of the sorority sisters that she had to leave both the university and the sorority. Christina, after hearing this, hugged and kissed Dana on the lips for the whole sorority sisters to see. She admits to them that they have a more than friends relationship and both of them are a lesbian. Christina also announced her resignation with the sorority. Dana and Christina both said their last goodbyes with each other. After Dana left Texas, Christina shoot herself with a gun.

Epilogue: Dana, shocked of hearing Christina's death, went to Guadalajara, Mexico to visit Christina's grave. She was married to her ex-boyfriend, who's now comfortable with Dana's real sexuality.

That is the story, guys. I know it's kinda' sad but this is how I want to end it. The story is inspired of a Lesbian Novel in the 60's: Spring Fire. The theme of the story is all about a secret romance between two homosexual sorority sisters. I also have to clear the fact that I am a straight girl though I have to admit that I am inspired by movies and novels like Loving Annabelle, Imagine Me & You and Lost and Delirious. I have to spread the message that we shouldn't underestimate and judge our homosexual brothers and sisters. Homosexuality is not a hindrance to become successful in life. Why does straight people like us always discriminate them?

Now guys, tell me what you think about the story. I am frustrating to make it as a novel because I, myself had liked the theme. :) I am waiting for your comments. Thank you.


  1. it's your story anyway, so write whatever you want. kakasad yung story sana di na lang namatay yung gurl sa huli ^^

  2. wow grabe!!!!! ganda ganda ahhh!! honestly i like tragic endings... mas may dating kasi like a walk to remember, sweet november, at kung ano ano pang mga stories na namamatay ang bida!!! sis keep it up... aabangan ko yung mga next post mo... nakaka adik yung mga stories mo eh...

  3. hahaha. salamat cyndirellaz and saul krisna. gusto ko kase yung theme. hindi yung puro pakilig lang na tema. kaya naisip ko gumawa ng tragic ending. pinatay ko yung isa sa pinakamain character eh.